Why did Jade and Matt Billington break up? YouTuber reveals split after 12 years

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Another beloved YouTube couple has unfortunately separated after 12 years of dating. Why did Jade and Matt Billington break up?

Lockdown has been a tough experience for most of the population, it has separated families, friends and even couples that you wouldn’t imagine ever calling it quits. Re-evaluating a relationship is a significant matter that needs to be discussed and Covid-19 has given people the time to talk things out. Jade and Matt Billington have decided to part their ways after 12 years of dating.

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Who is Jade Billington?

Jade Billighton is a 28-year-old YouTuber born on April 28th, 1992 from Brighton, UK.

Jade launched her YouTube back in December 2012 and since then she has come a long way; she currently has over 130k subscribers on her lifestyle-themed channel.

While the YouTuber is private about her family, it’s known that she has a younger sister named Charley and has been in a relationship with Matt- Billington Eden for over 12 years.

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The couple has lived under the same roof for 7 years and got married in April 2017. Matt was frequently featured in her social media, travelling and doing challenges together.

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Jade was off social media for over two months and made her comeback by revealing news fans didn’t expect to ever hear.

Jade announces break up with Matt Billington

On March 8th, 2021 Jade Billington posted on Instagram opening up about the reason why she has been absent from YouTube and Instagram.

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“I’ve been completely off social media for about 6 weeks now and the reason for that is because Matt & I are no longer together – it hurts every time I have to say/write it,” she revealed.

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Fans were speculating the couple’s split after both missing from social media for so long but were crushed to find out that their favourite pair broke up for good and the reason why also came as a shock.

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Why did Jade and Matt Billington break up?

  • According to Jade Billington, it was Matt’s decision.

In her Instagram post, Jade shared that she never saw her relationship with Matt coming to an end. She still believes that Matt is her soulmate.

“We were always very happy and would often talk about our future plans, travelling, having children, growing old together… but a few weeks ago completely out of the blue he just turned to me out of now where and said: ‘this is it.’ There wasn’t any explanation, nor was there any lead up where I could have thought ‘oh maybe this is coming’ there was nothing,” Jade explained, and left fans shocked and sad.

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