Why did Lexi Hensler break up with Christian?

Screenshot from Instagram @lexihensler

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok couple no more! YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram creator Lexi Hensler recently broke up with her boyfriend Christian Wilson – now it’s time to explore why!

The first time Lexi posted about her relationship with Christian was in November 2019, where she stated that her best friend of over nine years was now the man that she was dating. So what happened to cause their break up following such a strong friendship?

Who is Lexi Hensler?

This beautiful blonde is popular on TikTok with more than 7 million followers. She shares engaging content and amazing dance routines.

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Her fans follow her everywhere which is why she has 2 million followers on Instagram and 2.65 million subscribers on YouTube.

She was born on 5th December 1997 so she is currently 23 years old (March 2021). This star is not just a beautiful model but also a great actress because she has been acting professionally since she was 14.

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You can consider her as a comedian as well as a creative person in all her pursuits.

Other popular influencers like Brent Rivera and Ben Azlert feature in her videos a lot of the time.

Her relationship with Christian Wilson

Lexi started posting a lot of videos and posts with her boyfriend Christian in 2020 and taking a leaf out of her book, even Christian started his own YouTube channel with his friend Nick called Nick and Christian.

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Their relationship was considered #couplegoals and their pictures together were to die for. The couple even posted a video of their wedding later confirming that it was all a prank.

So where did it all go wrong?

Why did the YouTube couple break up?

Lexi’s close friend Brent Rivera posted this video yesterday on 21st March 2021…

Brent plays a few pranks on his friends and one of them is to kiss Lexi in front of their friends to check their reactions.

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This video was posted in Christian’s stories today on 22nd March with the caption “Things not to do 3 weeks after a break-up” which confirmed that they have broken up just sometime ago.

Not only that, Lexi too confirms this in her latest video in the end. You can check it out here…

A YouTuber caught the Instagram story and uploaded it in a YouTube video.

The couple has disclosed that they have broken up but have not shared the reason why. Stay tuned to know more about their breakup.