TikTok: Jeep challenge explored with brilliant examples!

Screenshot from @megan92794 TikTok

The Jeep challenge is currently taking over TikTok as creators are loving trying out this skilful new activity which requires entering your automobile through the window.

In this article, we explore the Jeep challenge in an attempt to discover what the hype is all about. Continue reading below to find out what exactly the Jeep Challenge is and how you can complete it as we provide brilliant examples!

What is the TikTok Jeep challenge?

The popular hashtag #jeepchallenge has over 7.4 million views and is filled with lots of jeep content.

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Although there are various Jeep Challenges that have spiralled the app, this one currently seems to be taking the limelight.

The Jeep Challenge involves climbing into your car without opening the door, instead using the window.

By doing a handstand and hooking your legs inside the car window, the Jeep Challenge requires you to pull yourself into the mobile.

@brittanyleighhall accepted the Jeep Challenge and successfully completed the task.

But, why a Jeep? 🤷‍♀️

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It seems as though Jeeps have the perfect design to handstand through the window due to their height and window positioning!

It would be a lot harder trying to enter a Lamborghini by hand-standing into the front window…

How to do the Jeep Challenge on TikTok

In order to carry out the Jeep challenge, you’re going to need to find yourself a Jeep. #LOL

Once you’ve got the motor, you’ll need to learn how to manoeuvre.

The Jeep Challenge requires serious skill and plenty of core muscles, so ensure you’re feeling extra strong!

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Now, prepare to handstand and topple through the window of your car…

By doing a forward-walkover, you’ll need to climb into the vehicle.

Below is a simple tutorial explaining how to do a front walkover.

Simply carry out this movement facing toward the side-window of your Jeep.

By hooking your legs over the window, use your core strength to haul your body into the car.

There you have it, you’ve completed the Jeep Challenge!

Be sure to video yourself and upload your outcome to TikTok, paired with the popular country sound.

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Brilliant TikTok examples of the Jeep Challenge

@megan92794 responded to a comical comment asking if she is aware that the door is able to open.


Reply to @jimmytheredneck for everyone saying I should use the handle 😘 #jeepchallenge #jku #itwasntaphase #jeepwrangler #whatever

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

A TikTok user named @cravencourtney encouraged their viewers to duet them if they can complete the challenge.

@tristaluallen also hauled herself into her transportation.

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However, not everyone is successful…

@cindy_mabe01 shared hilarious footage capturing the moment she got vertically stuck while attempting the Jeep Challenge.

She got there in the end! Cindy then uploaded her successful challenge result to TikTok.

Have you tried out the Jeep Challenge?

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Be sure to upload your attempt to TikTok!