TikTok: What are Ranch Pickles? And who started the trend?

Screenshot from TIkTok @mamacookslowcarb

TikTok is making a lot of users try this pickles with ranch and everyone is sharing their experience. It is somewhat a food challenge as well as a trend right now.

Apparently there is nothing that looks as disgusting as ranch pickles and nothing that tastes better either. Let’s see how this disgustingly tasty food trend started.

Food trend origin

On 29th April 2021, @snackqween posted a video in reply to a user @madimckinney0 who asked her “All time favorite snack?”

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Jen Curley, the snackqween, responded in this video with her favorite snack roll which is made of ham, string cheese, and ranch pickles. It sounds weird but a lot of users decided to give it a go.

This video received 186k views within two days and 17k likes as well. Let’s see what TikTokers have to say about this food trend.

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Jen is all about sharing different recipes of snacks and trying out recipes that are left by other users in her comment section. If you are feeling peckish, check out her snack ideas and try one of them out.


my family thinks I’m a stand up comedian

♬ original sound – Jen Curley

TikTok videos on ranch pickles

The hashtag #ranchpickles have 6 million views right now (1st May 2021) so you can get how much trending this food item is now. If you are a foodie, this should be the next item on your menu.

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Let’s check the reactions of TikTokers who have tried this trend.


Shoutout to the original creator @snackqween these are my new favorite 🤤 #pickles #ranchpickles #lowcarb #lowcarbsnacks #fyp

♬ Coffee Shop – Late Night Luke

This user says she won’t eat pickles without it again. So it is that good, huh?

Ranch pickles get another vote. There are a lot more of these videos and most of them say the same things.

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If you are going to try this, make sure to refrigerate the pickles with ranch for a day before eating them.

It gets better here…


Hidden valley ranch pickles!Thank you TikTok for the best snack idea ever!And my high blood pressure after eating a whole jar 😆 #ranchpickles #ranch

♬ Circus – Britney Spears

If you want to find delicious snack ideas, don’t go to YouTube and opt for TikTok instead. There are so many options and all within a minute-long videos.

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Which is your all time favorite snack? Share your recipe in the comment and who knows? Maybe it will be the next food trend!