TikTok: What does ‘Dinkleberg’ mean? Viral meme explained!

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Screen shot: Nickelodeon YouTube

Many people have wondered what the meme ‘dinkleberg’ is and why a lot of people are using it. The meme has become popular over the years on the internet mostly being seen on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

There are hundreds if not thousands of memes circulating the internet, but the ‘dinkleberg’ meme, has become very popular among users. The word originally coming from a cartoon show.

Memes are a huge deal on the internet! So many are created day today – and the ‘dinkleberg’ meme is just one of a million! There’s probably a new meme about to become popular right now!

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Origin of the ‘Dinkleberg’ meme

“Dinkleberg!” is a catchphrase used by the character ‘Dad’ in the Nickelodeon cartoon television series The Fairly Odd Parents, who blame their neighbour dinkleberg for any unfortunate event.

The dad’s catchphrase was then turned into a meme in 2010, by a user on 4chan – an anonymous English language image-board that has been popular since 2003!

In the present day, people use images of the ‘dad’ character to represent the ‘dinkleberg’ meme – To find out the meaning keep reading…

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So, what does the ‘Dinkleberg’ mean?

The ‘dinkleberg’, the phrase is typically used to blame ‘dinkleberg’ for anything from first world day-to-day problems to tragic natural disasters – ‘dinkleburg’ is used to describe a bad day or bad event.

Often people use the screenshot image of the ‘dad’ in the ‘dinkleburg’ memes as it represents the same as saying the word. Usually, at the top of the image is the ‘problem’ and then at the bottom of the image usually has the catchphrase ‘dinkleberg’.

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It doesn’t always have to be the words ‘dinkleberg’ in the image meme – but there has been a new catchphrase created around this meme and the image of the ‘dad character. Instead of ‘dinkleberg’ some people are using ‘If I had one’!

Examples of the ‘Dinkleberg Meme’

This Twitter user is in a very common situation! He uses ‘dinkleberg’ meme to describe his feelings, as clearly he’s having a bad day!

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This user blames ‘dinkleberg’ when Snapchat went down for a couple of hours! It was definitely him!

This user uses the meme to describe his time in quarantine due to Covid-19. We think we know who is behind all these lockdowns …. DINKLEBERG