Who is YouTuber Mizkif’s sister? Meet Emily Rinaudo on Instagram!

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Famous American YouTuber Mizkif featured his sister in one of his Youtube videos and fans are going mad about it.

In a YouTube video, called Sister streams for the first time (This is how much she made), he reveals his sister Emily – the video has since received over 500,000 views.

Who is Mizkif?

Mizkif is an American YouTuber with 292k subscribers, where he typically posts gaming videos and random funny videos.

His real name is Matthew Rinaudo and he was born in Virginia, USA.

He has a Twitter account @REALMizkif where he boasts 318k followers and an Instagram account called @realmizkif with over 114k followers.

The majority of his gaming videos include funny reactions to Pokemon and some gameplays on Minecraft and other games.

Since he was born on 16 February 1995, he is currently 26 years old (on 23 February 2021).

This youngster has more than a million followers on Twitch which is why the reveal of his hot sister is such a big deal. Thousands of people watching a guy play video games are going to be pleasantly surprised when they suddenly see such a beautiful face on camera.

Who is his sister – Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo is an American Instagram model and can be considered an Instagram star, due to her finding fame through the app.

Her Instagram is @emjayrinaudo_ and she has 140k followers on the app.

She is the elder sister of American YouTube star Miskif and was featured in one of his videos in February 2020, where she gained further fame and recognition.

Fan reaction to the video

Since the video has been shared, fans have left their comments about Emily. With the majority of comments being about her good looks. One fan said: “When you have a Friend with a hot sister and you act like you dont care.”

Another said: “Bruh mizzys sis is insanely attractive what the hell.”

While a third said: “What a beauty damn.”

If you don’t understand what the hype is all about, let us share some of her photos from Instagram. You will understand why people are going gaga over this beauty.

All the fame she is getting seems deserving now, doesn’t it?