TikTok: Richie Rich Jr abuse drama explained

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A TikTok creator named Richie Rich Jr is being separated from the military following claims that he has abused several women. Military TikTok is now raising awareness towards the situation using the hashtag #exposerichie.

In this article, we explore Richie Rich Jr and the domestic abuse allegations against him. Continue reading below to find out all you need to know about this Military TikTok creator and why supporters have turned against him as we include evidence.

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#stitch with @expose1275 @richie_richjr you can take the longest walk off a short pier. 🖕🏽 #exposerichie #YasClean #miltok #exposetheabusers

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Who is Richie Rich Jr on TikTok?

Richard Wayne Reeves, commonly known as Richie Rich Jr is a 27-year-old American TikTok creator with the username @richie_richjr.

Although his account is now privatised, he has a total of 160,000 followers along with 2.5 million likes.

As a US Army infantry, the creator would often upload content surrounding the military.

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The TikTok hashtag #richierichjr has over 2,000 views.

Richie Rich Jr domestic abuse drama explained

In October 2020, Killeen Daily Herald reported that Richard was accused of stalking and is facing a criminal charge following an incident in Killeen.

The 27-year-old was charged with one count of stalking, according to a criminal complaint affidavit.

A woman named Mason Reeves has recently taken to TikTok (@expose1275) to claim that she is Richie Rich’s wife, and that all allegations are true.

The user also shared a screen-recording of the article, although these have Ince been removed from TikTok.

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@expose1275 provided more evidence surrounding the situation by uploading another newspaper report.

Richie Rich Jr is now out on bond and being separated from the military following this situation.

#exposerichie TikTok examples

The popular TikTok hashtag #exposerichie currently has over 300,000 views and is full of content regarding the drama.

A user named @habitual_linecrosser gained over 45,000 views on their video addressing the drama.

@mrs.jillianmorrison reacted to another user’s video explaining their view on the situation.

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#duet with @pumpedupdave turn on duet/stitch to your other video so I can blast you for that too. #exposerichie #domesticviolence #enabler

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Georgia V (@njrecruiter), addressed the drama using a popular TikTok audio to reference that she is minding her own business.


Dear Miltok, as a leader I’m disappointed. As a female I’m disgusted. But it’s being getting handled. #exposerichie

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@friendly68whiskey also responded to the drama with a brief explanation.

Head over to TikTok for further information surrounding the Richie Rich Jr drama!