Who really is Anna Paul? TikTok celebrity who shuts down a city


Onlyfans and TikTok star Anna Paul accidentally shut down an Australian city on September 4, 2022, during a meet & greet. Paul is one of OnlyFans’ highest-paid members, earning in the top 1%.

Who exactly is Anna Paul?

Anna Paul, 23, gained fame and popularity through her OnlyFans account, although she had modest origins. Paul’s family of four lived in extreme poverty while he was growing up in Australia and were only able to spend $30 a day. When she was a child, her family couldn’t afford a new car, so they instead used an old milk van with milk crates for seats. In 2021, she stated, “We didn’t have a lot of money growing up. “However, since our family life has always been so wonderful, it didn’t really matter. Due to a lack of funds, we were unable to undertake many things.”

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Glen knew I wanted it HAHAH

♬ original sound – Anna Paul

When she was 15 years old, Paul took a job at Woolworths to buy her mother a pair of shoes, and she would lay up $10 each week to buy the luxury clothing she desired. She said, “Okay, you can do that,” when I approached her in the kitchen and told her I wanted to find a job so I could start buying you things. Paul spoke with Studio 10.

Paul went to her mother’s shoe shopping when she had enough money saved.”Okay, mother, I’ll get you a pair of Birkenstocks, I said. She broke down in tears in the shopping mall since she had not at all anticipated that “.

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For her daughter’s sixteenth birthday, Paul’s mother had saved up for a year to purchase a $500 Louis Vuitton pocketbook. After growing up without a contemporary automobile, Paul uploaded a video to YouTube in 2019 bragging about the new car she had purchased for herself. She stated in the video, “I don’t mean it in an unappreciative sense. I’m so grateful that we could even afford a car, she continued.

How did Anna Paul go viral on TikTok?

Paul earns money via her OnlyFans account, but she has gained 5.2 million followers on TikTok, where she is also quite popular. Her account mostly discusses her daily activities, travels, meals, and shopping excursions. When a video of her laundry shot helped promote her rise to prominence in 2018, she created her TikTok account.

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Paul stated to news.com.au in 2020, “I had TikTok when people would make fun of you for having TikTok. Ew, why do you have TikTok, what is it?’ someone exclaimed.

It was Paul’s first, second, or third TikTok strolling in her room, and she had a laundry chute in her bedroom in her closet, she explained, referring to her sudden rise to fame on the app.

I recently uploaded something on TikTok after going through my room and tossing a soiled T-shirt down the laundry chute. When she discovered she might potentially make money from the video, she said it “blew up” and received a million views.

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It seemed strange, but at that moment Paul thought, “Oh gosh, this may be something. Wow, this is a new method to be recognized,” I thought, “even if it was only one small viral video.” Paul stated in one of her TikTok videos: “I am a leading Australian creator of Only Fans. I work in that capacity, and I adore it. It is my ideal job.”

How did she take down a city?

On September 4, Paul revealed that she will organize a meet & greet in Perth, Australia. However, the event, which had been scheduled with around 200 admirers in mind, ended up drawing far larger crowds.

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The Perth Meet and Greet 🖤 We love you

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After her Sydney event, which attracted many more admirers than the anticipated 100, extra security had been employed. In response, she said, “we assumed we’d hire more security for Perth.” “We were startled when 700 people started lining up in Sydney… and over 1000 people were lining up in Melbourne,” she told 7News.

Paul recounted what the police had said to her: “We need to stop this because there are too many people and this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. “A Justin Bieber concert was the last time we saw stuff like this.”

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Although she said in a TikTok video that she could require tickets to attend following the previous days’ events, Paul’s meet and greet was free. “We didn’t want you to have to pay to see us, so we decided to make the event free, she stated.