TikTok: English lyrics of Jugaste y sufrí by Eslabon Armado

Screenshot from YouTube @ Eslabon Armado

Viral as the saddest song on TikTok, the song “Jugaste y sufri” is widely used on the platform. Here is the English translation of the lyrics.

This song has been used in 153k videos on TikTok so far and its popularity continues to rise. Even though most people don’t understand the lyrics, they feel the music in their hearts. But here are the lyrics in English so that we can all feel the emotions behind those mournful tunes.

Jugaste y sufri lyrics in English and TikTok’s best attempts

I’m not mad at you anymore
I just watch and think
Disappointed me

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And I get further away from you
Because I no longer want to suffer anymore
I want to be happy

Your love is poison and more
And I feel a pain, in my soul
But with calm

I open my phone
And see you were with another
How I feel

I call you to confirm
But you don’t want to answer
You kill me

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I don’t know what was the reason
If I was giving you, all of my love
I’m destroyed

I had faith in you
But you played and i suffered
Im actually doing bad

I never lied to you
You were my whole world
And the truth is
You left me at zero

All of my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?

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(There you go littlе girl)

(Or not? My friend Danny)

Mate Pedro

My heart isn’t the same anymore
A wound that is fatal
I will not love again

I cry when it rains
Cause when i do, no one can hear me
I drown in my tears

I don’t feel better
But the body gets used to it
With a bottle or with two, with that i forget you

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And now i say good bye
I wasted my time with you
I see a future
But its not you and me

All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?