TikTok: Who is Nika Diwa? Filipina mum empowering women across the globe!


One TikTok mum, Nika Diwa (@nikadiwa), has been empowering women around the world by telling her life-changing story over TikTok alongside her caring Nigerian husband and their adorable half Filipina, half Nigerian baby, Zizi.

This loving Filipina mum shares all of the ups and downs of parenting through fun, relatable vids and also shares how she got where she is today, inspiring other women and mums who might have been in the same situations along the way.

There’s no wonder her mum nicknames her ‘Zizilicious’!

So what’s her story?

Nika explains that she escaped an abusive relationship to go to live in New York City where she got an amazing job as a buyer and merchandiser for some huge fashion brands including Barney’s New York. During this time she fell in love with Emeka, who is now her husband, after meeting him on an online dating app called OK Cupid. After deciding to get married and having the magical woodland fairytale-inspired wedding of their dreams, the happy couple traveled to the Philippines, where Nika started her career as an inspirational speaker on a mission to empower women, making them feel safer, less alone, and teaching people about self-worth.

Nika and Emeka’s wedding was definitely a dream come true!

Where is she now?

A few years later, Nika gave birth to Zizi! Their very happy mixed-race daughter seems to love being in her Mum’s TikTok Vids as well as being super stylish. Zizi is half Nigerian (from her Dad) and half Filipina (from her Mum). She is also a very special baby to Nika as she mentions in one of her videos that she didn’t think she had a very high chance of getting pregnant at all so Zizi is somewhat a miracle to her.

Not only is Nika a great mum, wife, inspirational speaker, and TikToker, she also ran her own blog called Diwa Dollhouse where she taught others how to use style as a form of self-expression. Nika really is an inspiration!

Nika’s other social media accounts:

As well as her TikTok account with 219.6k followers, you can be sure to find even more cute pics of Nika and her own little family on Instagram @nika.diwa where she has over 17.2k followers or you can follow her endless adventures of marriage and parenthood at youtube.com/c/NikaDiwa