Who is my TikTok boyfriend quiz – play here!

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A romantic TikTok challenge has emerged. Who is your TikTok boyfriend? Take the quiz and find out if your TikTok crush could turn to a hubby.

TikTok is filled with beautiful girls dancing and lip-syncing but let’s take a moment to appreciate all the handsome young boys on the platform.

Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Chase Hudson, Tony Lopez, Noah Beck and Griffin Johnson are few of the most popular TikTokers at the moment.


draft hahahaah @imgriffinjohnson @blakegray btw i’m gonna start cutting and lose weight #glowup

♬ you need me to have no idea – Djs.29

Their attractiveness has made users on TikTok fall deep in love and although they usually couple up with fellow TikTokers, does that mean we can’t daydream?

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Since Zac Efron got engaged to the waitress that used to serve him coffee, we have regained our hopes that dating a celebrity could happen.

Who is my TikTok boyfriend quiz


i played a quiz to find my tiktok boyfriend 🤭 #fyp #quiz

♬ original sound – JOEWOAHY

TikTok star Joe Woahy made a TikTok video of himself doing the “which TikTok guy should you date” quiz and was shocked to get Michael Lee as his TikTok boyfriend.

The comment section under his post has gone wild and people want to find out their TikTok match. We found the quiz for you❤️.

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The quiz has 30 questions, some of them being “where do you want your boyfriend to take you on a date?”, “do you get jealous easily”, “how would describe your personality”, “are you a relationship person” and “do you like e-boys?”

Click here, take the quiz and find out which TikTok boy could be your future husband; some will be over the moon and some disappointed but that’s okay, they are all cute anyways.

Let us know who is your TikTok boyfriend in the comments below. You have our blessing💍.