Who is Fiji Water Princess? TikTok, YouTube and fitness!

Screenshot from @fijiwaterprincess_ TikTok

A popular TikTok creator named Fiji Water Princess is currently trending online as her dance challenges go viral. Formerly known as Shayron Sam, the user is also popular on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, well known for her passion for fitness.

In this article, we provide you with all you need to know about Shayron/Sharon Sam, including amazing TikTok examples, her social media information and more. Continue reading to check out who @fijiwaterprincess_ is.

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Who is Fiji Water Princess on TikTok?

@fijiwaterprincess_ is a popular TikTok creator from Toronto, Canada, with over 300,000 followers on the app.

The spelling of her name varies from Shayron to Sharon Sam on different social media platforms.

Popular for her passion for fitness and her amazing dance challenges, this creator frequently posts content onto TikTok.

Shayron also has a large following on her Instagram account which currently holds 77.8K followers and is full of images including herself.

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@shayronsam‘s Instagram bio states ‘I like the gym 🏋🏾‍♀️’.

The user captioned an Instagram post back in August 2020 admitting that she is addicted to TikTok.

Shayron took part in #blackouttuesday on Instagram in June 2020, showing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Continue reading to check out this user on more social media platforms!

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Fiji Water Princess on YouTube

Sharon has also uploaded various content onto her YouTube channel (Sharon Sam) which currently holds over 300 subscribers.

Her earliest upload was in June 2019 and involved her performing ASMR, whereby she included her favourite triggers.

However, her more recent YouTube uploads have featured fitness content.

Sharon last posted a video in March 2020 which displayed her cable only glute workout; a workout routine focusing on the bottom area of her body.

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With over 1,000 views, the content creator received great feedback in the comment section.

Many of her workout routines seem to focus on building her leg and glute muscles.

The creator often features transformation images, showing the huge improvement she has worked towards.

Fiji Water Princess fitness

As mentioned before, Shayron/Sharon is well known for her interest in fitness.

The creator often uploads TikTok content including her workout routines.


From today’s dumbbell only workout 🤍 #fyp #weightgain #fitness

♬ Magic Stick – Lil’ Kim

Shayron has previously included past images of herself onto TikTok to emphasise her fitness transformation to viewers.

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The creator has also uploaded a video showing what she eats in a day to keep her desired level of fitness.


its different everyday but here’s what I ate today! 🥺♥️ #foodie #fyp #weightgain #whatieatinaday

♬ Jangueo – Anuel AA & Tego Calderon

Even when the TikTok videos do not contain footage of her working out, she is often wearing her fitness clothing.

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Shayron has previously taken to Instagram to admit that wearing a cute outfit will result in a good workout.

What are you waiting for? Follow Shayron’s workout guides to achieve your desired body!

Go ahead and check out Fiji Water Princess/Shayron/Sharon on her various social media platforms!