TikTok: Old grannies meme explained – with hilarious examples

Old Grannies meme TikTok.

The disturbing, viral trend that surfaced TikTok explained – with what to do and what not to do!

Users are tricking each other with this bizarre Google search prank, leading to shocking results.

What is the old grannies meme on TikTok?

Essentially, TikTok users are tricking each other into searching ‘old grannies’ on Google images.

Although there have been tons of trends like this before, TikTokers are still falling for the oldest trick in the book.

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On other platforms, such as Twitter, users have even been warning those who aren’t aware of the trend to avoid searching ‘old grannies’.

What happens if you Google image search ‘old grannies’?

If you’re reluctant to fall for the viral TikTok trend, don’t worry – we’ll let you in on the secret.

If you search ‘old grannies’ on Google images, you’re met with explicit images of elderly people – definitely something that you don’t want to see!

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Hilarious examples of the old grannies TikTok trend

Unluckily, these TikTokers have fallen for the prank or are trying to get others to be tricked. Take a look below for hilarious and shocking examples: