Instagram: @keepinupwforeign mask controversy explained

Uber driver attack.

A video showing an Uber driver being attacked over the COVID mask policy has recently surfaced on the internet.

The public have recognised the attacker as @keepinupwforeign on Instagram.

Who is @keepinupwforeign on Instagram?

Instagram user @keepingupwforeign, who has been dubbed as a ‘Karen’, is the woman who has recently been involved in a scandal involving the COVID-19 mask policy.

In a viral video, @keepinupwforeign coughs on a Bay Area Uber driver, before claiming that she has COVID-19.

In the footage, you can hear the woman shout “No, f**k the mask!”

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Shortly after, she grabs the Uber driver’s phone from the dash board and rips his mask off.

The driver was able to capture the entire incident.

The Instagram ‘model’, with 31.5k followers, has since privatised her Instagram account.

What happened next for @keepinupwforeign?

Instagram user, @keepinupwforeign, took to social media after the occurrence to explain ‘her side’ of the story.

The social media user told followers that: “This man’s plan was to go viral from the beginning instead of just taking us to our destination like wtf.”

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She is also disclosed that she, in fact, did not have the coronavirus – contradicting what she had said in the original footage. In the same Instagram live footage, the Instagram user even asks where her ‘cheque is’, following the incident with Uber.

@Keepinupwforeign has since been banned from using Uber’s services.

What do the public think of the incident?

It seems that the public has a lot of respect for the Uber driver, who remained calm and collected during the entire experience, and, deservedly, lack of respect for the attacker.

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Comments underneath the YouTube video include:

“This is disgusting behaviour, I’m sorry that he went through that and not able to get them out of his car.”

“She set her Instagram to private since people are coming at her. I found her on Facebook and sent her a nasty message.”

“Those ladies should get punishment as per the California’s law….”

The news of the incident has spread social media wide across other platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.