Instagram: 10 best fonts to glow up your bio!

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Your Instagram bio is the first thing your followers see so you should make sure that it reflects your personality and temperament through a stylish font.

Let Hashtag Hyena show how you can use different fonts to spice up your bio game and impress everyone at the first glance of your account.

How to use different fonts for Instagram bios

There are a lot of free websites that can generate different fonts that can be used in Instagram bios. All you have to do is go to that website, type in the content you want in your bio, and press “Enter”.

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They will show numerous selections of fonts for you to choose from. They gave goofy fonts, fonts full of smileys, cursive handwriting styles, etc. You can really go to town on this one.

So decide what you want in your bio and then copy it. Go to the Fonts For Instagram website by clicking on the link here and paste it right at the top of the page.

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Scroll down to see all types of fun fonts for you to work with. Since there are a lot of choices, we have selected the best ones and listed them below.

10 best fonts to use on Insta

  1. Gamer 1 – This is an awesome choice if you are into gaming. You can let your fans know how serious of a gamer you are.
  2. Old English – If you are really classy and want to show it, this is one to go for.
  3. Cursive – Fancy and yet simple. Just something to stand out in the crowd.
  4. Double struck – If you want to emphasize something in your bio, use this font.
  5. Fat text – This one is always fun to read. Use this to show your funny side.
  6. Squiggle symbols – To show how creative you can be.
  7. Double underline – Pretty self-explanatory, right?
  8. Fire work – Have your text on fire and show how hot you are.
  9. Bat man – For the Batman fans.
  10. Bottom star – Because you are a star and your bio should show that.
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Let us know which font you liked and used in the comments below.