What does ‘wsg’ mean on TikTok?

'wsg' @rowanxeldridge

Getting caught up in all of these confusing acronyms and shortcuts for different words on TikTok and other social media platforms can be so annoying.

So what does the slang word ‘wsg’ stand for and what does it actually mean?

What does WSG stand for on TikTok?

You might have come across #wsg recently on TikTok and are now wondering what it means. If this is the case, we’ve got the answers for you!

WSG is a fairly new acronym mainly used on TikTok and other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But, what is an acronym? An acronym is an abbreviation (a shortened term or word) that is made up of the initial letters of the words that are being shortened. These are being used more and more these days because they can be easily written in text and it also saves time when TikTok users want to use multiple hashtags in their captions. It’s just the same as when we use LOL or OMG in text messages.

Anyway, WSG simply stands for ‘what’s good’ or ‘what’s good?’. However, It is unclear what the official meaning of wsg is because there are a few other meanings for it which include ‘Wierd Strange Girl’ and ‘With Special Guest’. One abbreviation that you might get mixed up with as it is pretty similar is ‘WGS’ which means ‘White Girl Status’.

In this video, ‘wsg’ has been used in the caption. She’s saying ‘What’s good y’all?’ It’s not very reply-able but gives off cool, chilled vibes. It could also be somewhat street-talk.

What does ‘what’s good’ mean and why do people use it?

Here’s a few example phrases that include ‘wsg’:

A: ‘wsg fam?’ B: ‘heyyy’

A: ‘hey bro’ B: ‘wsg man’

A: ‘how are you?’ B: ‘great thanks, wsg w [with] you?’

As you can see, it can be asked as a question as in ‘what’s good?’ or ‘What’s good with you?’ meaning ‘do you have anything good going on in your life right now?’ or it can be used just as a statement meaning ‘hey’ or ‘hey, how’s you?’

Other acronyms on TikTok right now and what they mean

  • ‘nd’ – and
  • ‘twd’ – texting while driving
  • ‘fyp’ – for you page
  • ‘w’ – with
  • ‘fyi’ – for your information
  • ‘pov’ – point of view
  • ‘hmu’ – hit me up