TikTok: Goddess filter explored and where to find it on Instagram!

Screenshot from @yanabononi Instagram Filter

The Goddess filter is currently trending online as creators are loving sharing this sparkling, skin-smoothing, colour-changing Instagram feature to TikTok and here’s why…

In this article, we explore the Goddess filter with information from where it originated, how to access it and more. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about this trending filter as we provide amazing examples!

Screenshot from @yanabononi Goddess Instagram filter

What is the TikTok Goddess filter?

Online, there are various filters which can transform users into having a goddess-appearance.

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A TikTok hashtag #goddessfilter contains content surrounding different goddess filters.

On Instagram, #goddessfilter is also filled with various goddess features.

However, there is one filter in particular which is taking the limelight over on Instagram.

The Goddess filter was uploaded by a user named @yanabononi.

As a New York fashion blogger, art director and a writer, Yana Bononi sure must know her stuff about filters.

By adding a subtle hint of colour, sparkles and smoothing the skin, the Goddess filter can certainly enhance your appearance.

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Keep scrolling to discover how to access the popular filter!

How to access the Goddess filter on Instagram

In order to access the Goddess filter, you’ll need to open up Instagram.

First of all, ensure that you are logged into the app.

Select the house icon at the bottom left of the screen, taking you to your Instagram timeline.

Now, simply swipe left or click onto ‘Your story’ in the top left-hand corner.

You should now be faced with your story section of Instagram.

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Slide to the far-right through the filter icons at the bottom of the screen until you reach the end.

Then, select the magnifying glass-icon named ‘Browse effects’.

As you enter the Effect gallery, simply open up the search bar in the top right corner.

Type ‘Goddess’ into the bar.

Choose the filter created by @yanabononi which has a pink and grey square icon.

Finally, press the ‘Try It’ button to use the filter!

You can also go the extra step and upload footage of you using the filter onto TikTok.

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More amazing Instagram filters on TikTok

In the unlikely event that the Goddess filter is not the one for you, we’ve got you covered.

Below are five TikTok examples of more amazing Instagram filters.

Over on TikTok, @phuongg.vy shared some Instagram filters that you should have.

@mayamaianh also uploaded IG filters you gotta try!

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As requested, @avasalmaci shared her favourite Instagram filters onto TikTok.

@sxhamm claimed that Instagram filters are better than Snapchat filters in the caption of her TikTok video.

Ava (@avasalmaci) also shared more of her favourite Insta filters.

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Have you tried out the Goddess filter on Instagram? 🤷‍♀️

Be sure to upload the results to TikTok!