What does ⭕️💢 mean on TikTok? Kegel exercise to improve female health!

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If you are on the female side of TikTok and you have come across ⭕️💢, we can explain. What does ⭕️💢 mean on TikTok?

Let’s be real: over the past year that TikTok has entered our lives for good, we have been learning so much every day: from quick recipes to dances, from cleaning hacks to gyno-info, and so much more! Given that TikTok’s main audience is teenagers, females have been sharing their knowledge with young girls, almost being like big sisters to them, and telling them what they wish they knew from an early stage.

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What does ⭕️💢 mean on TikTok?

Those sharing gynaecological information on TikTok, whether they are yoga instructors or just experienced females, have underlined the importance of doing an exercise which they have named as ⭕️💢.

⭕️💢 represents the exercise of flexing and relaxing the pelvic floor, which is also known as kegel exercises.

TikTok users have been creating daily reminder videos, reminding girls to do their pelvic floor exercises in order to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

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Some creative users have also found rhythmic songs that make the exercises easier and more fun.

How to do ⭕️💢

The ⭕️💢or kegel exercise can actually be harder than you would think.

Firstly, you need to have an empty bladder before starting the exercise.

Hold up to five seconds and release for equally five seconds.

Do ten reps in a row, three times a day. Do ⭕️💢 like you would do a plank exercise, not like push-ups.

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Watch the video below for more information on how to do kegels correctly.


explaining what ⭕️💢⭕️💢⭕️ is and how to correctly do it xox

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Best ⭕️💢TikTok videos

Women on TikTok have been educating their online sisters and making informative videos, including the one above.

Here are the top five ⭕️💢videos to watch on TikTok.


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