TikTok’s Adult Museum in Richmond – everything you can find inside and how to visit!

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A TikTok video about a trip to the adult museum in Richmond went viral. Have you ever been inside an adult museum? You’d be surprised by what is inside.

It sounds like there will be a lot of sexual stuff in this museum but it is totally different than what you would expect in an “adult” museum. This museum has a lot of concepts that you would not have heard or thought of. So let’s get to know what this is all about.

The viral TikTok video

A TikToker with the username @b.radman13 posted a video of the Science Museum that is in Richmond on 29th March 2021. This video was loved so much that within three days, it has 12.4 million views.

It shows a lot of interesting concepts that most people had never seen before. This video was followed by a “Part 2 of adult museum” that you can see below. It includes the mental health exhibit.


Adult museum part 2! Mental health exhibit #RVA #Museum #mentalhealth #richmond #virginia VA

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What’s inside the adult museum in Richmond?

This museum was established in 1970 and named “Science Museum of Virginia”. It houses the world’s largest analemmic sundial which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There is an Aquarium, a Crystal World (which has the most comprehensive exhibit in the world on Crystallography), the Solar Challenger (the world’s first successful solar airplane), a Dome (the world’s first video planetarium projection system that can take visitors on simulated trips through both time and space), and a lot of other interesting stuff.

There’s an entire floor about mental health that can help you educate yourself about the history of mental health treatments.

You can play a variety of games with computer as well as with other people. These games will challenge your mind as well as your body.

Museums are considered boring by certain people but those people have never been to the interesting ones. This museum is one of many that gives an enriching experience.

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