Peach Milkshake TikTok: Viral social media meme explained

Photo- Travis Grossen Source- Unsplash

We all know TikTok is excellent at setting new standards of relationship goals. By coming up with lovely little snippets of fairy-tale romance and perfect dates, TikTok users are pretty good at redefining couple goals for their followers. As the name suggests, #peach milkshake is a viral video on social media that’s quite lovey-dovey and rather ‘peachy’ in nature. The video originated on TikTok and has now started to take over Twitter as well. It’s about a husband surprising his wife by suggesting a day off from babysitting.

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What is TikTok’s peach milkshake video about?

The TikTok video of this lovely young couple has gone viral on other social media platforms too – including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In the video, the husband is seen trying to cheer up his wife by suggesting they take a day off from babysitting and do some of her favorite things instead.

His gesture seems to work well as his wife’s face lights up and she starts happily giggling like a child! The man in the video has been adorably labeled by his fans as ‘hubby of the year’ and ‘dream husband’. The video is also hash-tagged as all the good things and the small joys in life by the uploader.

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Why call it Peach Milkshake?

So… in the video, the doting hubby is seen suggesting a list of things that his wife loves doing. Shopping at Home Goods, enjoying an ice cream in the park, going on a mimosa brunch, and ultimately having a peach milkshake- he seems to know and care about his partner incredibly well!

The video was posted by TikTok influencer Katstickler aka Kat, who is the wife and her husband is called Mike. Kat is a celebrity on TikTok with 5.9 million followers and a smashing 184 million likes on her page. Nothing surprised Kat better than the mention of her favorite ‘peach milkshake’, which explains the name.

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What 2020 taught me…appreciate the little things (like Home Goods and peach milkshakes) more than ever before 🤗

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