TikTok: Who is Allison Day? All about the viral videos!

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A brand new series of videos on TikTok have gone viral, focusing on influencer Allison Day but where has she come from and who is she?
There are so many new influencers these days that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with who’s who in the world of TikTok.

Who is Allison Day and why has she gone viral on TikTok?

Even though at first glance, videos of Allison Day seem just like any other that can be found on the platform, the latest TikTok star is actually no more than a parody series and “Allison Day” is a character played by actress Kali Jane, though it is easy enough to mistake the character as a genuine influencer. She is part of an ongoing series by DharrMan Studios on TikTok.

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Why was the character of Allison Day created?

Dharr Man is the creator behind the idea for the popular parody series – described as a ‘mission-driven entrepreneur and filmmaker’ on his YouTube channel. He uses his platform of 6.7M followers on TikTok to create these videos with the help of Kali Jane. In each ‘episode’ it focuses on the influencer in different everyday situations such as an office or a bar and how different people react Allison Day. Unlike in most parody videos, the young star is not the main focus of the jokes but instead the videos seem to poke fun at outsiders who are unaware of how influential social media has become in recent years.

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You can watch the Allison Day videos here as well as some behind the scenes content from when they were being filmed 🎬

What do the parody videos mean?

The character of Allison Day in the parody videos, seems to be based on one of TikTok’s biggest success stories, 20 year old Addison Rae Easterling who was known originally for her dancing videos on the platform.

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Having created her account in July 2019, in less than two years Easterling has gone from a college student in America to now being best friends with Kourtney Kardashian, boasting 38 million followers on Instagram and over 83 million on the platform where she began gaining fame, TikTok.

With a massive following and an ever growing career it doesn’t seem surprising that Addison was the basis for this character!