TikTok: Meat to meat song explored with examples!

Screenshot from TikTok @ Kaleel Pitre

The song going around TikTok these days in May 2021 is “Meat to meat”. Every star and celeb on TikTok is getting on this trend and so should you.

Meat to meat rap has interesting lyrics that you should explore below and then check out the best TikTok attempts to this song.

Meat to meat song origin

The song was created by The Sham Tape on 9th April 2021 and within a month it has gained popularity on TikTok.

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A user named Quail (@quail_notfunny) uploaded this song on TikTok and there are already 22k videos uploaded with this song in the background.

Although the name of the song is “Take that rubber off” it is known as “Meat to meat” all over TikTok because that’s the name on TikTok and also because the verse is repeated a lot.

Best TikTok examples

The trend of using this song is to show your reaction to some news or an event. This song has a nice “Oooooh” in the beginning during which you can express your shock just like the user @skinnywhit3b0y does below –

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The lyrics of this audio clip on TikTok are just “Ooooooh ahan. Take that rubber off, f*ck that h*e, meat to meat, meat to meat, meat to meat, meat to meat. Ooooooh ahan. Take that rubber off, fck that he, meat to meat, meat to meat, meat to meat, meat to meat.”

This video will show you the best way to use this song in your video –

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This is why I go to the doctors once a month☺️ #itsyaboi #checkup #viral #fypシ#fyp

♬ Meat 2 Meat – Quail 👽

TikTokers are also using the song for its obvious reason. To say along the lines of “Take the condom off and have sex without protection” as the lyrics intended.

Some girls are showing what they get attracted to that makes them want to have unprotected sex –


when he walk a outside with shorts on and he bow legged 😂😂 #fy

♬ Meat 2 Meat – Quail 👽

So show us what makes you want to use this song in the comments below.