TikTok: What is Omegaverse Quiz? Here’s how you can take it

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2021 is all about TikTok quizzes and challenges. The quiz everyone on the platform is now taking is the Omegaverse.

But what does the word “Omegaverse” mean? We will explore the meaning of the quiz and how to take it here.

What is the Omegaverse quiz?

Omegaverse is not your standard quiz but a little different than any quiz you have given. The quiz only has 3 categories – Alpha, Beta, and Omega. This means that you can only be one of the three types of people.

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A social media user (@omegajohnson) created this quiz on a popular quiz platform called Uquiz. The quiz asks 15 questions related to your favorite emoji, school, fanfiction, etc.

Then the results come in and they let you know whether you are an Alpha, Beta, or Omega with a little brief. This is all related to fanfiction where there are alternate universes.

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In fanfiction, everything is divided into these three categories. Alphas are the strongest of the three, aggressive, territorial, and hot-tempered.

Betas are the ones that are both Alphas and Omegas in moderation. Omegas are the ones who are the weakest of the three and submissive. Most men are considered Alphas and women are looked on as Omegas.

Here’s how to take Omegaverse quiz

If you don’t already know the answer to which category you are in, you should go take this quiz here.

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Share your quiz result with us in the comments below.

Best TikTok attempts

TikTok’s For You page is filled with so many people trying out this quiz and showing their reaction. The videos are somewhat hilarious because the results seem too wrong for them.

Despite knowing that the results would be fake, it does not stop any serious TikToker from trying this quiz out for themselves. Check out their reactions below before proceeding with the quiz.

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what does this say about me as a person #omegaverse #omegaversequiz

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