Is Facebook dark mode gone? Users left confused as feature disappears!

    Photo- Brett Jordan Source- Unsplash

    Many Facebook users are complaining that the dark mode feature has vanished from the app. Following a recent Android update, users are finding that the fun feature has disappeared from the settings menu.

    Facebook Inc. after beta testing the feature for months, only recently introduced the dark mode theme in its application for both android and IOS users. Now, though in IOS the feature is still there, android users are left without the dark mode option for their FB apps.

    What is the dark mode feature on Facebook?

    Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are buzzing with users complaining about the missing feature. If you are an avid FB user, you already know that the dark mode is way more soothing on the eyes.

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    Plus, it also reduces strain on the battery, and in the long run, helps save battery power. Since the introduction of the theme a few months ago, the feature has worked fine without any glitch until now.

    Informing others on social media

    It is a bit confusing as some android users are saying that the feature is missing on their devices whilst others say they still have it. The question is becoming viral on social media as desperate users try to find a solution to the problem.

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    Millions of people love the dark mode theme as it comes with lots of advantages. Therefore, the feature suddenly disappearing came as quite a shock to most users.

    Is there a solution for the issue?

    No one has been able to identify the reason behind the disappearance of the dark mode theme yet. Besides Twitter and Facebook- some users have tried to complain directly to Facebook and some have taken to the Google Play store to spread the word.

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    There are a few things you can try at home to resolve the issue, though not guaranteed a fix. For example troubleshooting by cache-clearing, closing & restarting the app, or installing a previous version of FB. Facebook is yet to comment on the sudden disappearance of its dark mode theme on android devices.