TikTok ‘rat video’ trend explained – so you don’t have to watch!

alexandr gusev rNDjtoR VRM unsplash

Initially beginning to spread in February of 2021, a distressing video involving a rat has been making the rounds on social media – particularly TikTok.

Users have been making TikTok videos, urging others not to search for the disturbing video.

What is the rat video on TikTok?

Essentially, that infamous rat video circulating TikTok is footage of a man engaging sexually with the corpse of a dead rat. Yep, not something that anybody wants to see.

The horrendous footage is showing up on users’ FYP and, now, is making its way around Twitter too.

TikTokers are making videos urging other people to avoid watching the video, where possible. Though curiosity has gotten the best of some users and they’re taking these warnings as clickbait. Some are actually searching for the video for themselves – not a good idea!

How can you avoid the rat video?

First and foremost, don’t search for it for yourself.

If you do happen to come across the video, ensure that you report it immediately to get it taken down.

If users are continuing to find the video and share it, it will only become more viral – which is a huge problem.


Don’t look for it if you’re easily disgusted #theratvideo

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