TikTok: Meaning of Es Hora de Comer and 5 strange examples!

Screenshot from @spanishforeveryday TikTok

New TikTok phrases are trending all the time but ‘es hora de comer’ is currently circling the app and users are finding it hilarious!

Ever-since a popular content creator begun this unusual trend, it is now being used as a comical meme.

Continue reading to find out the meaning of ‘es hora de comer’ and just why it is so funny!

What does ‘Es Hora de Comer’ on TikTok mean?

The popular hashtag, #eshoradecomer currently has 28.1 million views on TikTok, but what does it even mean?

‘Es hora de comer’ is a Spanish phrase, simply meaning ‘it’s time to eat’ in English.

Popular TikTok user, @spanishforeveryday, translated this phrase in one of his many educating-uploads.

With this particular video now reaching 10.6 million views along with 2.6 million likes, the Spanish phrase has begun trending on the app.

Creator, @spanishforeveryday, has since uploaded various videos involving the famous phrase.

What is the meme all about?

The ironic meme often makes use of the innocent TikTok audio created by @spanishforeveryday, paired with strange context.

However, some popular uploads simply just embed the Spanish phrase into the video.

Below are 5 hilarious examples of how the phrase is being used by TikTok users.

TikTok user, @dianaiskindasad has clearly been learning from @spanishforeveryday, as she used the sentence in a video.

She captioned her video stating that she is never learning from TikTok again and has now gained 3.3 million views along with 1.1 million likes.

Another user named @own.jee currently has 1.7 million views along with 414.8K likes on his upload which uses the audio.

@celestialjoonz took to the comment section to laugh about the ironic use of the sound by stating:


User named @lex_0724 used the audio in a TikTok video which featured her dogs.

Creator, @sophiasotoriv has gained 1.7 million views on her funny upload with the comment section full of users thanking her for producing such comical content.

@algerianoncrack used the sound to highlight a popular bad habit of hers; chewing plastic.

Users in the comment section feel mutually as they express their fascination with chewing this synthetic material.

Where did this trend originate?

Nibaldo Calvo Buides is a Cuban American Spanish teacher along with a journalist and a translator, living in the USA.

He dedicates his social media platforms to teaching viewers the Spanish language using entertaining methods.

On TikTok as @spanishforeveryday with 920.6K followers along with 21 million likes in total, Nibaldo certainly has a large audience.

His Instagram account (@spanish_for_everyday) currently has 18.1K followers along with 2,375 posts and is also full of educating content, often downloaded from TikTok.

The creator also uploads content onto his Youtube channel (Spanish For Everyday), with 908 subscribers and 651 videos which include the teaching of various Spanish phrases.

Since this educator is now well known for the popular phrase ‘es hora de comer’ he often uploads videos each time ‘it’s time to eat.’

Nibaldo has many supporters, enough that he is able to host his own ‘Meet & Greet with Nibaldo’, currently scheduled to virtually take place at the end of January 2021.

Go ahead and check out Nibaldo’s social media platforms for yourself and maybe even learn some Spanish along the way!

Es hora de comer!