TikTok: Is the Charge Card phone charger real?

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A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing a video of his boss using his ‘charge card’ to top up his phone.

The card looks a bit like a typical credit card, but appears to act in a futuristic way and charges his phone wirelessly via the card.

It is common that things go viral on TikTok and it can make users buy whatever is in the video.

Is the Charge Card from TikTok real?


The video shows the user’s boss’s phone having 48%, and in the video, the charge from the card appears to be going up, as the charge on the card goes down.

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The text says ‘my boss living in 3021, implying that he knows that this is very futuristic technology.

The video was posted on the 6th of January and within 24 hours had received over 8 million views.

Unfortunately, however, there is no evidence other than this TikTok video to suggest that the charge card is real.

According to the comments on the TikTok videos, there are limited ways that this product could be real- but the TikTok user has not yet responded whether it is or is not real.

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Best fan reactions on TikTok

The TikTok video comments have been blowing up with users being intrigued by the technology.


Another said: ‘Battery gonna explode, but where can I get one?’

But other users are more skeptical about the product, and are questioning whether it actually exists or not.

One user said: ‘I refuse to believe this is real. There’s no room to sore electricity and there’s no charging transfer ability through the screen.’

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Another user said: ‘There is just no way that this could be real’.

And another said: ‘Nah that’s gunna blow up your phone’.