TikTok: Full form and meaning of DTN explored

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In this article, Hashtag Hyena explores the meaning of the TikTok code-word DTN and gets you in on the joke.

Find out the meaning of the slang and get to know what the users are talking about when they mention DTN.

Meaning of DTN on TikTok

The most common full form of DTN is Don’t Trust No one. Let’s take the take of Urban Dictionary on this though –

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It means don’t trust niggas or it also means don’t trust no one.
this person broke my heart DTN

A phrase reference to “Don’t Trust No-one
“Stay to yourself bro these streets have nothing to offer you, DTN

Friend = “bro why did i tell him about that shit im so stupid”
other friend = “DTN bro”

Other definitions of DTN

– stands for ‘Down to Nap’
1. To be ready and or in need of a nap.
2. When bored or procrastinate by napping
DTN^2 – ‘Down to Nap Naked’
DNT- ‘Designated Nap Time’yeah, i just got home from class and I’m for sure DTN

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do the nasty
me and that girl are gonn dtn all night

Desert to Niagra (DTN)
The female equivalent of a six to midnight (a boner). A female going from no moisture in the genitalia to lots of moisture. Similar to creaming your pants.
Colleen’s boyfriend, Matt, brought her a beautiful ring for her birthday and she immediately went from Desert to Niagra (DTN).
“I was at the movies and the guy was so hot that I was DTN.”

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DTN is short for “Do the needful”.
It is an expression which means “do that which is needed”, with the respectful implication that the other party is trusted to understand what needs doing without being given detailed instruction.
Barret: Damnit Nate just DTN already
Nate: Ja Feel
Barret: BET
Chad: Damnit Late Nate, don’t listen to Barret, kindly revert ASAP.
Barret: Chad you’re such a game snatch

So there are a lot of meanings of DTN and it can be confusing as to what the speaker is saying. That’s why we have added examples after each definition. So take careful note of the context and you will get the meaning of the full form.