M&M Peach Mint Meme explained – and how it links to Donald Trump!

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Tired of getting weirder news about Donald Trump every day? Well, this new meme-based obsession with Trump may refresh you.

For the very first time in history, a president was impeached twice. Donald Trump made a historic event and this was celebrated over the internet in the same way everything else is celebrated – with memes!

Meaning of the peach mint memes

Why is the meme about peaches you ask? What does Trump’s impeachment have to do with peaches? Well try to say the word ‘Impeachment’ again and again really fast and that might give you some idea.

Instead of directly making jokes about the impeachment, some people are being subtle about it by calling the word – I’m peach mint . Or maybe they are just being nasty. Who can really tell?

Its not just Twitter, Instagram is also full with such jokes.

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Memes on Impeachment of Donald Trump

After the impeachment of Donald Trump, people started sharing recipes on the internet called Trump Impeachmints. Recipes are not restricted to only drinks but there are also deserts specifically made for this ‘historical’ event. Unsurprisingly, Trump Impeachmints was one of the top searches after the impeachment.

There is actually a small tin box full of mints sold on Amazon called “The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Trump ImpeachMints Mints“. If you check its “About this item” section, it literally says this – “Do you bad-mouth people? Drop one of these peach flavoured mints on your tongue and you’ll make friends. Create a better environment! Trust us. It’s time to get rid of that offensive mouth. It’s practically criminal. Really. It’s got to go.” Check out the comment section of this item if you want to read something funny.

If you think people are taking this joke too far, then you haven’t seen enough.

Here are some peachy memes for you.

You know its funny when Baby Yoda is involved.

This family is goals! They are wearing the joke.

The puns are getting too much.

Trump gave us so many memes in his tenure. Which one was your favorite meme format?


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