TikTok: ‘First day as a Hitman’ challenge explained – 5 amazing attempts!

Screenshot from a TikTok video ac - @itspierreboo Pierre Boo

The funniest trend right now is this first day as a hitman or #firsttimehitman. Some of these POV videos are just getting crazy and crazier!

TikTokers cannot get enough of this trend of POV (point of view) videos. It started off as basic funny and now it has turned creative and downright hilarious. Always expect TikTokers to take something and bring out the best in it through skits.

What is the meaning of the trend ‘First day as a hitman’?

This trend consists of videos of people just playing out what would happen if they were a hitman and were going to kill someone by poisoning their drink. So most of these videos go like this – “hitman” trying to be sneaky and adding poison in the drink. Then mixing the drink with their finger as most people do out of habit when they mix something in their drinks. Then checking the taste by licking their finger. The “hitman”, at this point, dramatically falls down to the floor indicating that they die instantly.

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Some people dress up as a waiter who adds the poison, then opens their notepad to write down the order and lick the finger to swipe the pages forgetting that they had just dipped the finger to swirl the poisoned drink.

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There are some other variations where they poison one of the two glasses. Then they take these glasses to the target person and forget which one is poisoned. Goes on to drink the poisoned one and proceed to die immediately.

Which song is played in the ‘First day as a hitman’?

Most attempts have the song that was originally uploaded by Natalie Peinkawa. This is the same tune that is in the background of Renaissance challenge. That is another trend to get behind! Both of these trends are easy, takes very little time, and are considered creative af!

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Check out some of the best attempts

Here are some attempts made under the hashtags of #firsttimehitman, #firstdayhitman, and #hitman that we really liked –


First day on the job @nickychampa

♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa

why the posion gotta look like sugar tho😂 this a remix of @brok3boiii’s idea

♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa

What kind of mistake would you do on your first time being a hitman? Think about the possibilities, get creative and upload your attempt to go viral!

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