TikTok: How to do the Accent Challenge – get involved!

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TikTok has new dances, filters, and challenges every day, some taking off more than others of course. One of those challenges taking off is the accent challenge!

What is the accent challenge?

The trend requires two or more people, so grab your friends and family! However, the second, third, etc. person must be from a different country, with a different accent for the challenge to work.

A word will pop up on the screen and you and the other person have to pronounce the word the way you would. The best part is when you hear each other say the words completely differently and you get a funny reaction from each other. Some reactions are hilarious!

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@iskra were the first to do this challenge and racked up 4.7 million likes and counting. Since then, thousands have joined the trend, including big names like King Bach.

People have also done duet videos with @iskra’s video to show what their countries accent sounds like compared to the English and American accents. Here is a couple examples:

How to do the accent challenge

Step 1:

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Get yourself a friend or family member and sit with a camera in angle with both of you visible;

Step 2:

Get ready a list of words that you think will sound good in different accents, for example, ‘grass’, ‘vase’, ‘tomato’, ‘Adidas’, ‘scone’ and ‘water’;

Step 3:

Hitting record, take turns in saying the list of words that you are going to say and let the natural reactions roll in, as you will definitely pull a funny face at one of the pronunciations;

Step 4:

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Edit the different words onto screen when you say them and upload it onto your TikTok account for people to see;

Step 5:

If you enjoyed doing it, do another, get your friends to duet the video, try it with another person from another country. Theres so many ways to try!