TikTok: Christopher Delatorre (Samsvng Bling) video explained – @soicybhoo goes viral!

Screenshot from @varios_off TikTok

Christopher Dellatorre, known as Samsvng Bling on TikTok, was recently involved in a viral TikTok video that blew up.

His girlfriend at the time, @soicybhoo, managed to go viral on the app by showing off her ‘criminal boyfriend’. Now, viewers are trying to spread the word about why they believe her actions were wrong.

Read below to find out who these people are and what all the drama is about!

How did the drama start?

In December 2020, Christopher Delatorre’s girlfriend posted a TikTok showing off her partner, which managed to go viral on the app.

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The video involved famous lyrics from the Britney Spears song ‘Criminal’, while the couple were playing around with heaps of cash. The next stitched clip showed Christopher being visited in what appeared to be a prison.

Although the original video has now been deleted, TikTok user @varios_off reposted the upload which now has 9.8 million views along with 2.6 million likes:

The video is now full of comments exclaiming that they too may be ‘in love with a criminal’.

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As the video started to go viral, many viewers started to try and spread the word that Christopher Delatorre ‘is a criminal’ and that he should not be being praised.

Who is Christopher Dellatorre and is he actually a criminal?

Samsvng Bling, formerly known as Christopher Delatorre, is a 23-year-old living in Brooklyn, New York.

On Instagram, @samsvngbling has over 3K followers despite despite no uploaded content.

Samsvng Bling has been accused of being involved in numerous crimes, with TikTok user @333ivyknight posted a video listing these supposed crimes:

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@soicybhoo IS GETTING FAMOUS OFF A P*DOPHILE PLEASE SPREAD FOR AWARENESS! #staysafe #soicybhoo #samsvngbling #fyp #news #duet

♬ Opp Stoppa – YBN Nahmir

Depsite these claims there are no legal documents online that can confirmed the alledged TikTok crimes.

When researching Christopher Delatorre, another man with the same name can be found within The Homicide Report posted by LA Times. However, Christopher Manuel Delatorre died in 2016 and is in no way related to Samsvng Bling.

Who was Samsvng Blingd GF and are they still together?

Although an accurate name cannot be found, Christopher Delatorre’s girlfriend can be found on the TikTok account @soicybhoo with 96.3K followers along with 4 million likes.

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On Instagram, @cozybhoo had previously tagged @samsvngbling in an upload from November 2020, suggesting they may have been together at this point.

After @soicybhoo‘s TikTok video blew up, she has since posted content on her account.

The comment section has been full of users asking about Samsvng Bling.

User @demogoat, commented on a video claiming that she has been deleting comments which regard Christopher. @soicybhoo then replied with the statement:

“sorry i don’t wanna be constantly reminded of my ex boyfriend”