TikTok: Who is Luke The Voice and why is he going viral?

Screenshot from @_luke.the.voice_ TikTok

Luke Taylor, the 19-year-old college student from the USA, is going viral on TikTok for his distinct singing voice.

Luke’s uploads have been spiralling the app ever since he introduced his musical talent to his followers.

Read below to find out just why viewers are loving Luke’s voice.

Who is Luke The Voice on TikTok?

Luke Taylor is a 19-year-old Liberty University student from Lynchburg, USA.

With 382.9K followers along with 4.5 million likes on his TikTok account (@_luke.the.voice_), the creator has gained a huge audience in response to his recent uploads.

Luke also has over 2K followers on his personal Instagram (@_luke.g.taylor_) as well as 1,101 followers over on his music account (@scooterinthestairwell).

The singer first went viral on TikTok when he duetted @nthnevnss in a singing video and added a baseline to the trending song ‘The Wellerman’. This duet has now gained 6.5 million views along with 1.2 million likes:

What is so special about his voice?

Luke Taylor’s significantly-deep voice takes many viewers by surprise when they realise they are listening to a 19-year-old boy sing.

Many viewers are fascinated by his voice, even to the extent that they are now describing it as a ‘thirst trap’.

Luke recently uploaded a TikTok singing to the song ‘Your Man’ on 17th January 2021 which has now gained 943.3K views:

TikTok user @therubbamonkey commented:

“congrats on becoming a voice thurst trap 😂😂😂😂😂”

How does he get his voice so deep?

Luke Taylor recently posted a TikTok-upload titled ‘Manly voice tutorial :)))’ in response to many requests asking how he makes his voice sound so deep.

Deep voice tutorial by @_luke.the.voice_

In the video, the singer acknowledges that most people don’t have a naturally low voice and therefore he advises them to remember 3 significant things: Tone, volume and confidence.

Luke teaches his viewers that every human has a ‘chest, mix and head-voice’ but to achieve this particularly deep voice, we will need to use the ‘chest-voice’.

Access the full tutorial above and try to achieve this trending tone-of-voice yourself!