Logging into Instagram on Safari: Meaning and memes from TikTok explained

Screenshot of Instagram on Safari

You may have seen hundreds of TikTok videos emerging of girls and boys filming themselves looking angry or sad with a caption along the lines of ‘when you log into Instagram on Safari’. If the videos have left you a little confused here is what they mean. 

Now you have to not only familiarize with TikTok slangs but learn their unique phrases, trends, and so much more. What does logging onto Instagram on Safari browser have to do with TikTok? Here’s the explanation

What is the meaning of Instagram on Safari?

The meaning of ‘Instagram on Safari’ is about when supposedly, if you log into your Instagram account via the Safari browser instead of using the app, you can see who has most recently followed that person and who they have followed in the exact order. 

People have been using this Instagram hack to check on who their girlfriend, boyfriend or crush has started following recently and it isn’t always showing them what they wanted to see. 

The hashtag #instagramonsafari is trending as people are sharing their reactions after trying it for themselves. There are 500k views and the videos are worth all the attention they are getting.

Best meme reactions on TikTok

This girl clearly didn’t like what she had to see after checking someone’s recent follows on Instagram.

This video claims that not only can you see who they followed in the exact order but you can also see who liked the picture first.

Whoever found out about this Instagram hack has caused TikTok and Twitter to blow up and has probably caused a lot of arguments too. Will you be trying it out?

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