Who is Elijah Gomez? Age, job and relationship with Kayla Kosuga!

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A YouTube family is growing: Elijah Gomez and Kayla Kosuga are expecting their first child. Congratulations! But who are they?

Becoming a parent at a young age used to be stigmatised probably up until Kylie Jenner had a baby at the age of 20.

Since then, people have reconsidered and have come to the conclusion that age does not matter as long as you feel ready.

Elijah Gomez and Kayla Kosuga have announced their pregnancy news and we are want to know more about them.

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Who is Elijah Gomez?

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He wishes he was me.

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Elijah Gomez is an influencer, model, travel blogger, YouTuber and father-to-be, who has over 36k followers on Instagram.

Elijah is Mexican and Welsh but lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He was born on June 19th 1998 and is 22 years old.

He appeared on YouTube with his girlfriend Kayla Kasuga a year ago and ever since they have reached 97k subscribers.

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Elijah’s baby mama is 19 years old, has over 307k followers on Instagram and over a million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel.

Elijah Gomez and Kayla Kosuga announce pregnancy.

On November 4th, both influencers took over Instagram to announce the world that they are expecting their first child.

The couple looked on cloud nine as they shared a kiss and held up pictures of the ultrasound.

“So glad to announce that we’re starting a new journey together. Thank you so much for all your support”, Elijah Gomez wrote on his Instagram post.

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The couple hasn’t posted on their mutual YouTube channel yet, but Kayla posted a video titled “I’m PREGNANT?” on her YouTube channel sharing the good news and revealing more about the pregnancy.

In the video, Kayla shows her reaction taking a pregnancy test and her family’s and friends’ reactions to the pregnancy news.

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The couple’s families were happy with the news and Elijah Gomez has been wanting a baby for a while, Kayla reveals.

Her YouTube video has over a million views in less than a week and the comment section is full of thrilled fans who cannot wait to meet the baby 😍.