Alexandra Cooper and Matt Kaplan – is he Mr Sexy Zoom Man?

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Screenshot from @callherdaddy TikTok

After podcast host, Alexandra Cooper, spoke of online-lover (Mr Sexy Zoom man), supporters are speculating whether this could be Matt Kaplan!

Alex has introduced multiple men over on her podcast; Call Her Daddy, and listeners are constantly curious about who these mysterious people are.

Continue reading below to find out more about Alex Cooper’s supposed love life scenarios!

Alexandra Cooper and her mysterious lovers

26-year-old Alexandra Cooper (Instagram: @alexandracooper) is the founder of the successful podcast; Call Her Daddy.

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Know for providing her audience with completely un-censored, explicit-verbal content, Alexandra has always been transparent with her listeners regarding her life.

Over a long period of time, the host has continuously updated her supporters on her relationship-situations.

For example, Alex recently uploaded a clip taken from the CHD podcast onto TikTok; whereby she explains the current situation between her and Mr Sexy Zoom man.

Managed by Barstool Sports, the Call Her Daddy also offer a range of branded merchandise.

After introducing these four mysterious lovers onto her podcast, Alexandra was quick to include them in one of her merchandise ranges.

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Made-up names of the men can be found printed onto the back of clothing labelled as the Boyfriend World Tour.

Is Matt Kaplan Mr Sexy Zoom man?

Matt Kaplan is a 36-year-old American film producer, founder and CEO of Ace Entertainment, focused on making feature films.

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After Alex openly spoke of Mr Sexy Zoom guy as a businessman, listeners are beginning to wonder whether Matt Kaplan could possibly meet the description of her lover.

Despite multiple speculations circling the internet guessing Mr Sexy Zoom man to be various different people, one being the recording artist – Travis Mills, many supporters are pretty set on Kaplan.

Member of the discussion website, Reddit, are constantly debating Alexandra Coopers relationship scenarios.

User @Dependant_Drama947 expressed their opinion as they stated Matt Kaplan could be Mr Sexy Zoom man.

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Alex claimed to have met Mr Sexy Zoom man in a business meeting, but what about?

Another site-user explained that Matt Kaplan could be interested in creating some kind of reality show using Alexandra Cooper as an influencer, based upon his work in the media industry.

Followers of this drama have even gone as far to suggest that their star-signs are compatible, therefore building a more convincing case of the secret-lover.

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When responding to a message, @Past-Goose7285 stated:

“MK is also an Aries so the compatible sign thing checks out”

What do you think? Could Matt Kaplan be the mystery guy?

What about the others – who are Slim Shady and Door #3?

As well as Mr Sexy Zoom man, Alexandra Cooper has also included the names of other potential partners.

The podcast host introduced a mystery man named Slim Shady; who’s actual identity is yet to be confirmed.

Professional American baseball pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, is thought to be Slim Shady after listeners peice information together.

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If you’re wondering why Syndergaard is referred to as ‘Slim Shady’ – Reddit user @_sayyestotacos responded to a question regarding this on the discussion website.

Door #3 is the name of another one of Alex’s secret lovers, he is described by the podcaster as tall dark and handsome.

Another Reddit discussion holds more information surrounding the confusion of the made-up name and the male behind the identity.

Each of these now-significant names also made it onto her podcast’s merchandise range.

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So, although none of these male-identities have yet been confirmed, we know that Alex sure does have one heck of a love-life full of mystery men…

Alex recently announced that she in-fact has a boyfriend – could this match any of the guesses her supporters have found?

Check out Alexandra Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast for more information surrounding her mysterious love-life!