How to do the Silhouette Challenge on Snapchat – step by Step tutorial

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The Silhouette Challenge is probably the biggest challenge trending on all social media platforms at the moment.

Many people have been wondering how to do the Silhouette Challenge on Snapchat because so many people are doing it; including celebrities, influencers, and although initially being female-dominated, male users have been getting involved!

After the Buss It Challenge blew up on social media, the Silhouette Challenge has carried on the buzz. If you’ve been wanting to get involved on Snapchat this is where you will learn.


@mrsmosquito won this whole challenge before it even started but i wanted to try 😭😭 #silhouettechallenge #silhouettechallenge #fyp

♬ Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Background of the Silhouette Challenge on Snapchat

The Silhouette Challenge has gone extremely viral during 2021 – you can’t go on any social media and not see this challenge being uploaded!

SC is where people pose in the red light filter in the doorway – mostly wearing no or revealing clothes. The idea is for them to become a Silhouette thus the challenge name.

The song in the challenge is a mashup of Paul Anka’s ‘put your hand on my shoulder’ and Doja Cat’s ‘streets’. The sound was uploaded by a TikTok user called @giuliadinicolantonio!

The challenge normally starts with the person wearing loose clothes or unattractive clothes, then when the song drops to the slower and intense part people change into revealing clothes in a red filter and dark light.

How to do the Silhouette Challenge on Snapchat

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do the Silhouette Challenge on Snapchat, first you need to know how to get the filter:

Step 1. Open the Snapchat app and make sure you have the lasted version downloaded then head to the camera screen

Step 2. Click the smiley face button on the right side of the camera capture button.

Step 3. Then click the ‘explore’ in the bottom right hand corner

Step 4. Type in the search bar ‘vin rouge’

Step 5. Click on it and the filter should be applied.

To be able to film the challenge on Snapchat you need to:

Find a doorway to film in and set up your camera. You will need to film yourself in normal clothes- most people wear pyjamas or some gym gear.

Once that’s filmed save it, and apply the ‘vin rouge’ filter ann turn off all the main lights while leaving on one light.

When filming this time people wear more revealing or tighter clothing for more effect. Once that’s done save that section.

The two videos should be in your camera roll – put them together and put the sound ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’. The music feature is found on the top right side on the camera.

Examples of the Silhouette Challenge and the internet’s reaction

This girl built up the courage to do the Silhouette Challenge and is now feeling herself!

This person is thinking of the future and how he’s going to explain all the challenge discovered in the year 2021 to the new generation.

Some woman is finding self-confidence by doing this challenge – this is shown by this tweeter as she said she felt shy at first.