What happened to TikTok Room? Gossip account deactivated!

what happened to tiktok room gossip account deactivated

One of the most popular gossip Instagram pages has suddenly disappeared and fans are confused. What happened to TikTok Room?

When TikTok started blowing up, two teens named Nat and Elasia, met online and decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to all things TikTok tea. Their page became widely popular reaching over a million followers and becoming the go-to place for all the latest TikTok drama!

TikTok Room disappears from Instagram

On Wednesday, March 17th 2021, people began noticing that the gossip Instagram account TikTok Room has disappeared from the platform.

When you try to access the account on Instagram and find out the latest drama, TikTok Room doesn’t show up at all, neither does it through Google.

“Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed,” is the error message shown when googling “TikTok Room” Instagram on Google.

What happened to TikTok Room?

The owners of TikTok Room didn’t announce anything regarding the deactivation of their account, leaving fans wondering whether the account got deleted or hacked.

Accounts like TikTok Room can be questionable, as they often wrongfully accuse and expose people with no evidence.

TikTok Room took over their Twitter account to clear things up.

“We disabled everyone! We will be back,” they tweeted, relieving the fans.

“We wanted a quick break but we will reactivate soon! Thanks for staying tight❤️,” they continued.

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However, TikTok Room didn’t give a reason for their sudden deactivation, but they did reassure fans that they will back soon with all the burning tea of TikTok.

Fans react to TikTok Room disappearing

TikTok Room has over a million followers on Instagram, and consequently over a million people get informed about the latest TikTok news from TikTok Room.

Fans took over Twitter to share their concerns about the disappearance of the account that has been on top of the TikTok drama for over a year.

One wrote: “tiktokroom on Instagram has been deleted. why am I sad. I’m almost 20 years old but I’m still obsessed with internet drama,” while another one tweeted:”I’m glad tiktokroom is gone. that account was toxic as hell.”

Here are a few more reactions to TikTok Room disappearing from Instagram.

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