TikTok: Who is @captaindeplorable? Get to know the Trump impersonator!

Screenshot from TikTok @captaindeplorable

A TikTok user with the username @captaindeplorable is making hilarious videos by impersonating the previous President Donald Trump

Get to know the real name of this captain and all his social media handles.

Who is @captaindeplorable on TikTok?

The real name of this TikToker is Shawn Farash and he is a very popular for his Trump impersonation, dancing trends, and a lot of original and eye-opening content.

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This user is from Long Island, New York and looks to be around 30 to 35 years old. He is a rising star with 75k followers on TikTok. His bios says that “Cpt. Deplorable: I sound more like Trump than Trump.”

Shawn joined YouTube on 9th August 2020 with the channel named “Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot“. His YouTube journey has just started because he only has 570 subscribers so far (on 24th June 2021) but he won’t be a hidden gem too long.

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He is a very private person so details about his personal life isn’t known. If you do know anything, do share with our readers in the comments below.

His other social media accounts

You can also find this user on Instagram with the username @shawnfarash. Here, he has just 8k followers but the number will keep on rising.

He posts his TikTok videos here along with the photos of his tweets. You can find his tweets on his Twitter (@Shawn_Farash) where his bio says that he is the Founder of Long Island Loud Majority.

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With 20k followers, he is very popular on this platform. Even Newsmax uploaded his video with the caption “

Trump impersonator @Shawn_Farash on morphing into the 45th President – “I even have liberals go ‘I don’t like Trump but you’re funny.'” Check his video and let us know what you think of this impersonation.

This video goes on to interview where he shares how he got on to this and why. He says that he tried various people and then practiced a lot to get where he is now. You can see from his feed that his account started getting serious traction since he started mimicking Trump. So whether you like or dislike Trump, you will find Shawn’s impersonation pretty close.