TikTok: Who is @ashhventure? Get to know Ashley Grace!

tiktok who is ashhventure get to know ashley grace

Let us talk about the TikToker whose name on the platform is “Tik Toker”. Yup, we are talking about @ashhaventure and her adventures.

Ashley Grace has just moved to a new apartment and is making new friends. She is uploading every new detail in her life so that we can keep up. But how much do we know about her?

Who is @ashhventure?

This “Tik Toker” has about 1.2 million followers who are all curious about her life. Her bio reads “Currently living in my GORGEOUS APARTMENT and sharing my SUPER STABLE life here”.

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You can see the sarcasm in the caps and her sense of humour. Her wit and her beauty are just some of the reasons why people love following her. She seems to be somewhere between 20 to 30 years of age. She has kept all her personal information private so far.

Ashley also posts about her day-to-day life like cooking, getting groceries, dealing with mental issues, making friends, etc. She gets a minimum of 150k views on every one of her posts.

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Her friends are her audience and she loves the comments people leave in her videos. She even makes videos to reply to those comments.

She was living in her car but has now finally moved into an apartment. Her TikTok family is so happy and excited for her who has seen her struggle and grow these past few months.

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Her best TikTok videos

She posts about the simplest thing like getting groceries, making a friend, etc. Ashley is vlogging her daily life and it is refreshing to see how real her content is.

Check out her grocery haul video –

Since she was living in a car so far, all of her fans are happy to see her new apartment that she moved in yesterday on 7th June 2021. Let’s get an online home tour here –

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Then she got excited and started making videos of all the firsts of her apartment – first time showering, her first handstand in her new apartment… you get the point.

What do you think of her TikTok content? Let us know your thoughts below.