TikTok: Who is Aleeya Hutchins? Get to know Wake Forest track girl!

Screenshot from TikTok @iamsauced

Aleeya Hutchins is a star athlete and a very popular TikTok celeb. She is known as the Wake Forest Track girl but how much do we really know her?

Let us get to know the TikTok star and then check out her best videos.

Who is Aleeya Hutchins?

Aleeya uses the username @iamsauced on both TikTok and Instagram. She has more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok and just a little over 52k on Instagram even though she has only posted 11 photos.

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She gained popularity on TikTok for all her lip-sync videos and nowadays she is posting a lot about her hair and wig. Aleeya also hosts a talk show called Tap In on Instagram. In the show, Aleeya interviews famous athletes to share their views and experiences.

A trivia about Aleeya that is interesting is that she is a member of a track team of Wake Forest University. She is a D1 athlete and an 800-meter specialist for which she holds the school record of 2:04:73.

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If you want to know about her family, you can check various videos where her parents, her brother and her sister have made appearances. But she has not shared any information on them so far.

Her smiling personality and unending enthusiasm is the reason why people love to watch her videos and listen to her shows.

Her best TikTok videos

We have to admit, she looks beautiful regardless of her hair styles and hair cuts. Don’t you agree?

If you haven’t followed her already, what are you waiting for?

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A lot of people loved her “Natural hair reveal” as she is not trying to hide her real self. The fact that she is so open and honest about herself while staying positive and always smiling is the reason why people love her so much.


Reply to @abacadabrat For the people asking about my #naturalhair #curly #xyzbca #reveal

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Get to know her parents here…

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Reply to @itsjust.cindi since y’all were asking 😂 #mixed #parentcheck #jamaica #guyana #xyzbca

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Check out her viral video here –


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♬ Excuse Me Sir – Aleeya Hutchins