TikTok: Nicole Parish (@soundoftheforest) explains what it is like to be autistic

Screenshot from TikTok @soundoftheforest

A TikTok user with the username @soundoftheforest is getting very popular for spreading awareness about her autism.

Knowing how autistic people are and seeing how they behave in real life is a completely different matter. The videos on this account are filled with the reality of autism and it may not be all that bad.

All about the TikTok user @soundoftheforest

Nicole Parish is a teenager living in Utah, United States. She is an active TikToker with a 584k following right now (on 26th July 2021).

Her bio says that she preferred the pronouns ‘She/her’ and that she is autistic. You can scroll through her recent feed where she explains stuff like ‘What is it like to be autistic’, ‘How am I disabled’, ‘My sexuality’, etc.

She is not shying away from tough and personal questions and she is really trying to put herself out there so that people can understand how autistic people are.

Once people understand the concept, the stigma will slowly lift and people will be able to normalize having autism. Treating someone with a disability as a human first is very important and these videos help in reaching that stage.


Reply to @urlocalbirbdealer i’m just confused most the time.#autism #autismawareness #autisticadult

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Her best videos

A lot of people ask her in comments about her routines and the things she does differently as an autistic person. For example, a parent asks about her headphones and their quality because they wanted to buy a pair for their child.


Reply to @allyssa621 no but they make it so there’s a lot less noise. #autismawareness #autisticadult

♬ Hide and Seek – Shane Ivers

This video explains how overstimulated the brain of autistic people is that they need to wear earphones at all times to actually listen to the important stuff.

Understanding the symptoms from someone who is experiencing them firsthand makes a lot of difference. It avoids misunderstandings like thinking that someone is not listening to you because they have their headphones on.


There’s nothing wrong with being autistic so why not tell people #autismawareness #autisticadult

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Is there any reason autistic people should hide their condition? If everyone can be made aware of the symptoms, the stigma should reduce and autistic people will be able to be themselves.