TikTok shows how to find a bra that fits – get on the trend, girls!

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TikTok is teaching us every basic thing and now there is a trend going on to find a bra that fits and the results are truly mind blowing.

If you have always relied on someone else to understand your size, you need to learn this trending method. It is so simple and once you make this change your everyday life will get comfortable. Have you been one of those people who removes her bra to get comfortable? No need of that anymore as you will always feel comfortable!

‘A Bra That Fits’ trend explained

This is one of the useful trends that is helping women all over the world because a lot of them are unaware of the bra sizes. This is not surprising because it is all a bit confusing.

So this trend is all about trying out this website that helps you determine which bra would fit you the best. That’s all this website does. It doesn’t sell bras or any product and just gives you very useful information without having to learn anything.

This is why the trend ‘A bra that fits’ has its own hashtag #abrathatfits with 22 million views. Read on to get the link to the calculator and try it on for size.


Welcome to A Bra That Fits — now on TikTok! Leave any questions about bra sizes below, or duet this. #ABraThatFits #brafitting #brasizing

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Bra size calculator

A Bra That Fits joined TikTok on 9th April and in less than a month it has been a huge hit.

To get to their website, click here and you can use the calculator to determine the perfect size for you.


#duet with @charisse_v Thanks for visiting our calculator! So sorry for the technical issues. Please join our subreddit or FB. #ABraThatFits

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All you have to do is type in your measurements. They also have a very helpful diagram explaining how to take these measurements.

Everyone on TikTok is going crazy about the results and they say that the only way to know that this works is to try it out for yourself.

Feedback from TikTok


Y’all need to check out that website it’s a game changer for all 🍒 owners, hopefully this doesn’t get taken down #abrathatfits #Plussize #midsize

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Follow @madisonxalexandra for her tutorials #30dd #34c #brasizechallenge #abrathatfits Forgive my eyes 👀 I had monster.

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So will you be joining on in the trend?