What does ‘I miss the rage’ mean on TikTok?

Screenshot from TikTok @trippeatplay

Why is the TikTok’s For You page filled with so many people saying ‘I miss the rage’. What does it mean and when to use it?

Let us find out what is this new trend/slang and why are people missing “the rage”.

What does ‘I miss the rage’ mean on TikTok?

Urban dictionary says that this phrase has something to do with a song –

A song with the best beat ever heard by mankind. Also a song that might take eternity to release. Can also be called MTR,
Example – Person 1: Trippie Redd just teased MTR again!
Person 2: Cool it’s been leaked for 2 months already though
Person 3: What’s MTR?
Person 1: miss the rage is music made by god

So is that what the meaning used on TikTok?

Actually, yes. The artist of this song is Trippie Redd (@trippieatplay) and everyone has been asking him to drop this song. Once the song was released, he went ahead and created an “MTR” challenge.

All you have to do to join the challenge is grab a partner and climb on their back in a crouch. Here is a video made by the artist himself to help you out.

Will you be joining in on this challenge?

Best attempts

You don’t have to join the challenge to use this song in the video of course. You can just vibe or dance to it. Here are some of the best ways users have used this song in the background of their videos –

The attempts by the artist is obviously the one that got the most likes and views but here are some others that are also pretty cool.

What do you think of veins?

The music is great for all kinds of videos so there is a lot of room to get creative like this.


If nothing else comes to mind, try on the MTR challenge and let us know how it went in the comments below!