TikTok: Meaning of DNI explored with examples!

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A lot of TikTok bios and comments have the slang “DNI” written on it. What is the meaning of this abbreviation and how to use it?

You get the option of choosing “DNI” in the hospital which is the full form of “Do Not Intubate”. This ensures that the doctors don’t put a pipe down your throat to extend your life. It is a very painful way to live so you get the option of choosing not to live that way.

But the meaning of DNI is completely different on TikTok obviously as nobody can intubate you there.

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Meaning of DNI on TikTok

Urban Dictionary defines the slang DNI as –

An acronym meaning do/does not interact.
Example – I wanted to message her but her blog said dni with kink or porn blogs

An acronym for “Do Not Interact”, often used when an OP is defining an individual with whom they do not wish to speak or form a mutual consensus with.
Example – “DNI if you are under the age of 14.”
“DNI if you support Shane Dawson.”

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But there are more than 1 meaning of this abbreviation. So the meaning of DNI will depend on the context. So here are the other meanings –

Did Not Impress. Used to describe an action that failed to garnish appreciation or approval from the receiving party.
Example – He really DNI those sorority girls when he flashed his man titties at them.

Abbreviation for DUMB NIGGA INTELLIGENCE. The type of mindset someone has when they say something stupid but smart at the same time, a dumb phrase that has a smart concept.
Example – Ben Shapiro has dni (DNI)

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A deviantart chat, DNI is an acronym for Death Note Interview, based on the popular series Death Note. Characters from the series (popularly referred to as DNG’s in the chat) pop in every now and then to participate in the DNI environment. In DNI general hilarity ensues with little to no instigation. Such instances have included random chatters getting shot, sajoku’d, or one of the fluffy shrimp’s ‘tea parties’. These Tea Parties usually involve rum-laced tea and the DNG’s partaking in it. Then Drunken Randomness ensues, and many times during the chat a noob will get raeped by Rinnian.
All in all, quite fun.
Example – <FangirlNaima> Where you there for all that crazy shit after the Tea Party?
<crazyfacedloser> YES. DNI rocks! <3

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How to use it on social media

DNI is used in the bio of inappropriate channels on TikTok so the young users can stay away from the page.

Even when someone introduces themselves on Twitter, they use DNI to warn minors. This way everyone will have a heads-up. If you are a minor, you should stay away from people who have DNI.

Adults should stay away from DNI when they are in office as DNI is just another version of NSFW (Not Safe For Work). If you are posting something that is inappropriate, make sure to tag it with “DNI”.