TikTok: How old is @iconiccpinkk? Get to know Munera Ahmed!

tiktok how old is iconiccpinkk get to know munera ahmed

Another TikTok star is gaining popularity over the platform who goes by the username @iconiccpinkk. Lets get to know how old is she and everything else!

Munera is known for her short-form comedy and lip-sync videos. People love her energy and she loves her audience as she makes videos to reply to the comments all the time. But because of her height


Reply to @thatjordankid Should I drop a skincare routine? #foryou #myage #funnyvideo

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Who is @iconiccpinkk?

Munera started her TikTok channel in November 2019 and has gained 4.7 million followers since then. She gets a minimum of 50k views on each of her videos.

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Munera has 3 younger sisters – Amina Ahmed, Anisa Ahmed, and Fatima Ahmed. She has posted some videos with her parents but has never mentioned their names so we do not have any more information on her family.

Her popularity extends to Instagram as well where she posts casual pics and TikToks to an audience of 164k followers. Her goal is to reach 300k here and 4.8 million on TikTok. She is up for doing collaborations and has done with some popular TikTokers like Addison Rae, etc.

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The nationality of this influencer is American and her ethnicity is Muslim. She has a brown complexion and is known for wearing a hijab in all her videos.

How old is Munera Ahmed?

The hijab and her short height is the reason why it is impossible to tell her age. You could say she is 15 and we would believe you and also if you said she is 45.

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But is revealed that she was born on 15th December 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (in United States) so that makes her 23 years old right now (June 2021).

Were you surprised to know her age? What did you think her age was? Comment your thoughts below!

Her best TikTok videos


Feels very weird after wearing a mask for a year (I’m fully vaccinated btw) #foryou #fullyvaccinated #summer

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