TikTok: What does ‘chile’ mean?

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An old TikTok has become popular but still, some people do not know what the video means. Don’t worry if you’re one of them, we’re here to keep you in the loop!

Unless you spend every minute of everyday on TikTok, then chances are, you’ve missed some trends since so many pop up all at once.

Unfortunately, you can’t even google what “chile” means because it will just tell you that it’s a country in South America.

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Where does “chile” come from?

The term “chile” gained popularity on the app from a TikTok uploaded in April 2020. It actually comes from the phrase “whew chile!”

The TikTok shows a woman asking an African-American man how to pronounce “whew chil-ay” , to which he repeats it in confusion.

The man then replies, clarifying that actually its “woo chil”.

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This is the original whew chile video! #foryou #fyp #levelup #whewchile

♬ original sound – C A M

Outside of TikTok, “whew chile” is most known to have come from TV personality NeNe Leakes, one of the stars of reality series The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She steps out of her car, exclaiming “whew chile” in relief.

This isn’t the first time her catchphrases have caught the audiences eye; NeNe is known for her hilarious quotes, such as “I am very rich, b***h” and “so nasty and so rude”.

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What does “chile” mean?

No, “chile” is not the South American country.

“Chile” is supposed to mean ‘child’, but it only sounds like it if you say it in a Southern American accent.

According to a Reddit user, the phrase is slang usually used by African-American women from southern states such as, Georgia and Louisiana. The slang is used when you are exhausted or shocked by a situation or person.

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If you’re still confused on how to pronounce it, then it’s just ‘child’ without the ‘d’.

Here are some other TikTok users doing their own version: