TikTok: How to get the Harry Potter filter and best attempts

Photo by Tuyen Vo on Unsplash

For all the Harry Potter fans out there, you guys have a fun treat waiting for you. A TikTok filter has made a new HP trend that you have to join ASAP.

Even if you don’t join, you will have fun watching the attempts of others. In this article, you can learn how to get the filter and the best attempts by TikTokers using this filter in the most creative ways.

How to get the Harry Potter filter

Although this filter is viral on TikTok, it is not available on the platform. You must go to Instagram to find the “Which Harry Potter character are you” filter.

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Go to the effect gallery and search this filter and you can find several variations of the same filter. We would recommend you to choose any one of the filters made by the following creators – @karnie.brunette, @yisus.saavedra, @larii_conver, @swapnilsparsh, and @itts_rxcix.

This trend may have started with finding out which Harry Potter character the user is and posting their reactions, it has now evolved into a fun game that every HP fan would like to join in to have some laughs.

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Best TikTok attempts

The hashtag #harrypotterfilter has more than 13 million views and rightly so. Users realized that all the HP characters are randomly chosen so they designed a game.

Users say a hypothetical scenario like “Who is skinny dipping in the creek?” and wait for the random HP character to load and record the fun experience.

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All you have to do is make up some hypothetical situations and most of the answers the filter comes up with, it will be funny for you as well as your audience. You can get some inspiration from the TikTok videos below which are some of the best attempts.

You can have themes like this user.

You can also create a POV in which you are the main character in the Harry Potter franchise and have fun with it –