TikTok: How to get the Green to Orange filter

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Photo by Fred Russo on Unsplash

A filter that turns everything green to orange is trending on TikTok. It is just the opposite of a green screen so people are loving it.

Here’s how you can get the filter and you can also check out the best attempts made by TikTokers down below. Keep scrolling to be amazed at the effects of this colourful filter.

How to get the Green to Orange filter on TikTok

Getting any filter on TikTok is a piece of cake if you know the name of the filter. You can go on the app, and click on the Effects gallery.

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There you can tap on the search bar and type the name of the filter and you can get various options of the filter. Unfortunately, the name of this filter is not “Green to orange”.

You will have to search for “Autumn filter” to get to the right filter. The icon of this filter is a leaf in the orange background. The leaf is coloured half green and half orange. That’s the filter you want.

If you can’t see that filter, you will have to update the TikTok app and then try again. You can add it to your Favorites for easy access.

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Once you have found the filter, try it on something green and see the effects. You can get really creative with this filter like showing horses walking on “orange” grass or trees with “orange” leaves.

People with green hair are having a lot of fun being redheads using this filter.

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You will notice that these videos have something in common that you should also have in your video. One is the song Teddy Bears Picnic by Henry Hall. The other is the hashtag #greentoorange and #autumnfilter that has 1.1 million and 23.7 million views so far (by 4th October 2021).

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So everyone with green hair or green eyes should try this filter and see the change.