TikTok: How to do the ‘human’ Backpack Challenge – grab your pal now!

Screenshot from TikTok @spaceddouttt

A challenge that started out as simple and turned out to be creative and hilarious. Try out this easy challenge with your sibling or friend.

What is a Backpack challenge?

A new challenge is going viral called the Backpack challenge in which you have to wear a person as a backpack. Yes, you read it right. Not to be confused with the “Purse challenge” or the “Bag challenge” in which you hit people in the face with a bag just to check their reaction.

How to do the Backpack Challenge

In the backpack challenge, one person has to stretch their hands behind and grab their ankles firmly.

The other person has to put their hands inside these joined limbs and pull them up on the shoulders like straps of a backpack. Backpack challenge is about carrying a person like a backpack on the shoulders with the Backpack song.

Why try the Backpack Challenge?


ft my dog πŸ˜‚ #funny #backpackchallenge #love #fyp

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Because the attempts are hilarious, whether you are successful or not.


Rating my friends as #Backpacks πŸŽ’ @jasminetxo @thejacksonjansen @shayandnate @heathkirls @phillg92 @jodezstar.og #backpackchallenge #HaventSeen

♬ Rating – astuanta

Rating my friends as #Backpacks πŸŽ’ @jasminetxo @thejacksonjansen @shayandnate @heathkirls @phillg92 @jodezstar.og #backpackchallenge #HaventSeen

♬ Rating – astuanta

It is a fun way to spend an evening with friends. Check out who has the most upper-body strength to hold up a person with this challenge.


the tik tok challenge, but with a twist 😏😏 #crackingbones #crackingmyback #backpackchallenge #fyp #fypγ‚· @jexxdrake

♬ original sound – Payton Harper


It is also a great way to bond with your sibling. This challenge is so much less violent than the purse challenge. If you are looking for a couple challenge go for Backpack challenge instead.